ENT Surgery

The Consultant Otolaryngologists (ENT Surgeons) who practise at the Hospital provide specialist treatment and care for conditions concerning the ear, nose and throat.


Hearing and balance can be temporarily or permanently affected by the inner workings of your ears and can result in dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ear). Procedures for the repair of the middle ear (Stapedectomy), for the treatment of “glue” ear (Myringotomy, Insertion of Grommets) and to correct the appearance of protruding ears are available. Cochlear implants can be fitted for those patients with permanent deafness / hearing loss.


Treatment can be provided for sinus and breathing problems which can lead to sleep apnoea and snoring with procedures for the repair of the septum.


A range of procedures to treat conditions of the parotid gland, adenoids, larynx and tonsils is available.

ENT Surgery Consultants

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