Urology & men’s health

We provide convenient, one-stop outpatient appointments for you to discuss physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with a consultant urologist. The wide experience of the specialist consultants practising at Parkside Hospital ensures we can diagnose, advise on and treat urinary problems, impotence, erectile dysfunction, prostate health, gender reassignment, vasectomies and circumcisions.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is estimated to affect between three and six million people in the UK*. The two most common types are: stress incontinence, where weakening of the pelvic floor muscles means that urine can leak when you sneeze or cough; and urge incontinence, which happens when you feel an urgent need to urinate. Please do not be embarrassed to seek advice from one of our consultants.


Your bladder function can be tested by one of our consultant urologists or urogynaecologists. We recommend this bladder function test if you have a more complex urological issue. To learn more about urodynamics at Parkside Hospital, please click here.


Urology & men’s health Consultants

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